Tobar Place

Public realm at Tobercurry. A place for gathering and performance in the centre of a busy country town. 

Tobar an Choire, meaning "well of the corrie" is the second-largest town in terms of both population and land area in County Sligo, and home to the South Sligo Summer School of Irish traditional music, song and dance, held each year. 

We were engaged by Sligo County Council in a place-making exercise for the town. The first phase of the project is located at 'The Well Area' in the centre of town where the tobar or 'well' is located. Our design aims to promote and encourage social interaction and engagement amongst the local community and visitors alike. The place is a terraced platform that acts as a 'route through' and a place to meet, sit, or play. 

The RIAI have included our 'Tobar Place' project as a Case Study in the recently published 'RIAI Town and Village Toolkit' .

RIAI Town and Village Toolkit

Public Realm

Tobercurry, County Sligo.

Photos: Vincent Monahan, Peter Clyne, NOJI